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Your company has to move forward. You have to deliver in budget, on time,
and outsmart any possible competition.
CommIT provides ADDed value to your business by utilising resources intelligently, adhering to cost-efficiency and delivering at an incomparable Time-to.

Our ADDed Value

Analyze, Design & Deliver


Asking the Right Questions

Our product designers and project managers have 360° vision and vast experience. They will sit with you to define what features and platform fit your vision. With in-depth foresight they will challenge business assumptions and present possible obstacles. At the end of this process, they will present a full roadmap for success, with features and technologies, budget and time frame all laid out for you.


Guiding Innovation Flexibly

Development projects are an ever-changing ecosystem. Using the scoping process, our product management experts guide your innovation, adapting size, scope and focus as needs evolve. This flexibility in determining the mix and number of experts deployed throughout your project allows for transparent and complete control of both budget and timetables. Together, we will manage the R&D risks, to optimally support marketing, sales and market penetration efforts.


Multi-Vertical Expertise

The leading system house of the Start-Up Nation, Comm-IT has over 400 experts with a multitude of specialties and experiences. These multi-vertical experts work together, thinking out of the box to create new, cutting edge ideas, methods and technologies.  
Scaling up and down is the hardest part of managing a development project. Flexible R&D means seamless transitioning between the various cycles and stages of your project. A fully transparent bi-weekly budget keeps your finger on the pulse while the project moves forward.

Our Promise

We deliver unique, tailor-made and personalized solutions, whether a standalone application, an embedded device, an algorithm or software solution – or any combination thereof. Whatever the environment – on cloud, on premises, on the Internet, whatever the product – we can deliver.

Comm-IT’s Flexible R&D means

you focus exclusively on developing your vision, your strategy and growing your business while we handle your R&D.

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